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Do I have to meet you?

With today’s technology of video calls using facetime, teams and zoom as well as email and phone calls everything can be done remotely.

So it is not compulsory to meet up. we service many of our clients remotely. If you do want to meet up we will be happy to do so.

I already have an accountant, is it a straight forward process to change.?

It is a straight forward process to change.

Once you have agreed to move to Gloucester Cloud Accountants
we would advise you to inform your current accountants.

Then we will then contact them to request any relevant information.

How do I Pay for your Services

Our preferred option is monthly by direct debit to help make payments affordable.

We will issue an invoice for the work carried out.

We are happy for you to pay once a simple tax return has been completed.

Do I have to use Cloud Technology?

Although we are Cloud Accountants we have many clients who have a ‘shoe box’ of records.

We are happy to take physical records which may be the case for some tax returns.

Do I need an Accountant?

Although not compulsory the advantage of appointing an accountant is that we have years of experience in helping clients to save tax and allowing you to get on with your life ands business rather than worrying about tax.

I am worried about the cost

We will agree with you a fixed fee upfront for agreed work so you know what you will be paying going forward and avoid expensive fees at the end.

There may be in some situations a catch-up fee when changing accounts or if you are behind in your tax and accountancy affairs.

What are your opening times?

As cloud accountants, we are available outside of normal 9-5 times including evenings and weekends.

If you wanted to arrange a video call or meeting on a Saturday or Sunday that is fine.

Our accountants have flexible working arrangements so we are available when it suits you.

How will I contact you?

The majority of communication can be carried out by email.

However, you are welcome to give us or a call or we can arrange a meeting if required.

Once you sign up you will be allocated a charted certified accountant and they will be your only point of contact.

You will not be passed between different staff members.

are you qualified?

We are qualified accountants through the ACCA. (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

All our accountants have had over 10 years of experience and all are fully insured.