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Self Employed and Tax Returns

income tax
income tax

A self-assessment tax return or tax return is required for individuals who work for themselves and need to declare their trading profits to HMRC. This service is suitable for all individuals such construction under CIS,  sole traders and partnerships. With prices from just £21 a month. We will correctly calculate the tax owed and submit it to HMRC after your approval.
We provide a tax return service for individual who have income that needs to be declared such as rental profits, interest and dividends. 

Tax Return options for Self-employed people
with a turnover of up to £30k

We provide a tax return service for sole traders and people who are self-employed.

We specialise in those who are in the building trade, under CIS,
as well as individuals within the creative arts – to name but a few.

Going alone and setting up as a sole trader can be a nervous experience.
Just because you have the skills to carry out a trade does not necessarily
mean you know how to effectively run a business.

Gloucester Cloud accountants can help you through the process.
We will ensure you are being looked after.
Leaving you to focus on your trade.

We can prepare your return using your own records
and send your tax return and tax computation.

If you prefer a detailed profit and loss report we can do this starting…

From £21 a month.